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Paul Thompson
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The Background To K10

As a company K10 has evolved from a deep history in the world of Audit Management Software. The founder of K10, its management, development, sales, support and delivery teams are all headed by former AMS professionals having started their careers with other software providers in this niche field.

During 2022 we launched K10 Vision into the Audit Management Software world. This was undertaken by a team of hugely motivated and deeply passionate individuals who have been able to work on producing the best-in-class Audit Management System using the very latest technologies.

Whether you are a team that uses TeamMate, Audit Board, any other Audit Management System or indeed if you are not using a dedicated system at this point, K10 Vision has the potential to improve, add value to and simplify all your audit management processes and our dedicated team stands by ready to assist.

A Message From The Chief Executive

To say I am excited would be an understatement. After the launch of K10 Vision last year the level of interest from, and engagement with, customers and prospects from literally around the world has created a whirlwind of activity and a tremendous impetus and growth for everyone here at K10.

After being rejoined by so many of my former colleagues over the last 18 months, K10 Vision represents the culmination of over 150 years experience in the world of Audit Management Software.

My team and I look forward to continuing our re-engagement with old friends and meeting new teams that will make up our ever expanding K10 Vision family, and in that process play our own modest role in the development of the profession.

As a final point I would just like to say my sincerest thank you to all those, employees and customers alike, who have already entrusted their futures to K10 Vision. The journey has begun and our excitement is palpable.

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and successful future in audit.

Paul Gascoigne, CEO