Membership Benefits

The following are highlights of the programs and services offered by ACUIA.

  • Availability of a Help Packet for credit unions wishing to start an internal audit function
  • ACUIA online member directory complete with names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, email, website addresses, and many other valuable search fields
  • Access to nationwide network of credit union internal auditing professionals
  • Free exchange of new ideas, successful strategies, audit techniques and procedures
  • The Audit Report, a quarterly magazine providing members in-depth articles, a forum to exchange experiences, and current issue updates
  • Discounted rates for the Annual Conference & One-Day Seminar, Regional Meetings, teleseminars, and webinars
  • CPE credits offered for regional meetings and annual conferences
  • Free access to the Internal Audit Reference Library containing up-to-date information regarding our profession and industry
  • Website
  • QAR
  • Seminars
  • Teleseminars and Webinars
  • The Audit Guide is free to all members

Membership Options

The following membership dues structure has been approved for the membership year.

Regular (Internal Auditor)

First credit union member is $200 for the yearly membership.

Each additional person is $200.

Supervisory/Audit Committee -

$200 per person
Now supervisory/audit committee members can join ACUIA even if the credit union has no internal audit department. Benefits include access to all the indispensable information that ACUIA makes available, and will provide an opportunity to help credit unions that are considering creating an internal auditor position.

Should you have any questions about a membership with the ACUIA or the dues structure please contact the ACUIA Executive Office at:

(703) 688-2284.

Conferences and Meetings

  • An Annual Conference is held each year. This Conference is open to all interested individuals, and CPE credits are earned for attendance.
  • In addition, each of the ACUIA's six regions schedules periodic meetings throughout the year. CPE credits are also earned for attendance at these meetings.
  • Larger metropolitan areas throughout the United States have chapter meetings which may include a guest speaker and/or roundtable discussions.
  • All of these meetings feature topics of interest to credit union internal auditors, audit/supervisory committee members and other individuals associated with internal auditing in the credit union industry.

Teleseminars and Webinars

  • ACUIA teleseminars and webinars are held several times per year. This is a great opportunity for someone who has no time for travel. Participation can take place in the comforts of your own office.
  • All of the seminars feature relevant topics to credit union internal auditors, audit/supervisory committee members, and other individuals associated with internal auditing in the credit union industry.
  • Pay only one price per location. The fee is based on telephone call origination. Therefore, gather one or all around the telephone or computer to take advantage of this outstanding training opportunity.

Recognition and Awards

  • Honoring the founder and first president of the ACUIA, the ACUIA Terry McEachern Internal Auditor of the Year Award is presented at the Annual Business Meeting each year.
  • This award, sponsored by Royal Credit Union in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and the ACUIA, is presented to an ACUIA member in recognition of outstanding dedication to ACUIA and the internal audit profession. The winner is selected by the Award Committee from nominations submitted by credit union CEOs, Directors, Audit/Supervisory Committee Chairs and ACUIA peers.
  • In addition to personal recognition and an individual award, the recipient's name is also placed on a plaque displayed at Royal Credit Union.

How Do I Join ACUIA?

  • Credit Union Membership is open to all credit union internal auditors, audit/supervisory committees and credit union management.
  • ACUIA is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.

How to Join

To become a member, please complete the membership application below and return it with payment to the address or fax number on the application form. Once the Executive Office has processed your membership, your confirmation letter and password for the members-only section of the website will be emailed to you.

  • To pay by credit card, fax the application to the ACUIA Executive Office at (703) 348-7602.

To pay by check, mail the application to the Executive Office with your dues check to:

P.O. Box 150908

Alexandria, VA 22315


If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact the ACUIA Executive Office by phone at (703) 688-2284 or by email at

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