Terry McEachern Internal Auditor of the Year Award

The Terry McEachern Internal Auditor of the Year Award was established in 1995 by Royal Credit Union to recognize Terry McEachern as the founder and first president of the Association of Credit Union Internal Auditors. In 1989, as RCU's internal auditor, McEachern organized a group of auditors in her area to meet and share ideas about internal auditing. She served as the association's first president and served on the ACUIA board of directors for more than ten years. From this small beginning, the group has grown to an international organization of more than 800 members with regions in the United States and Canada.

This award, sponsored by Royal Credit Union, Eau Claire, Wisconsin and ACUIA, is presented to an internal auditor who has made a significant contribution to the internal audit profession and to the credit union industry. The recipient of this award has demonstrated personal and professional leadership in serving the industry, profession, and community.

A special committee reviews the award nominations and announces the winner each fall at the Annual Conference business meeting.  In addition to receiving personal recognition and an individual award, the recipient's name is placed on a plaque displayed at Royal Credit Union.

Supervisory and Audit Committees, Credit Union CEOs, Credit Union Internal Auditors and anyone familiar with the nominee's qualifications, may submit nominations for this award. Nominees must be an ACUIA member and currently employed as a credit union internal auditor.

See the guidelines for more information about submitting a nomination for this award. Deadline for nominations is April 30 of each year.

Terry McEachern Auditor of the Year Award Winners 

Year Winner Other Nominees


Bev McMahon  
2012 Jack Lynch  
2011 Kara Giano

2010 Barbara Franco  
2009 Barry Lucas  
2008 Linda Goff  
2007 Elizabeth Dary  
2006 Tabitha Ernst  
2005 Pat Richey  
2004 Robin C. Fitchett Edward Martinez
2003 Vicki L. Adams Erik Airheart, Denise Hagen, Sangeeta Norton
2002 Betty Cramer  
2001 Valerie Weimer Vicki L. Adams, Ennio Cavuoto, Janet Forbes Reeder, Olivia Fried, Julie Houde, David Perreault
2000 Jennifer Parker Ennio Cavuoto, Julie Houde
1999 C. Joseph Marschall Tirso Morales, Jennifer Parker, Aksel G. Pedersen, James Michael Peters, Joe M. Rivera, Pat Scheiman, Valerie Weimer
1998 John Mason  
1997 Randy Manscill  
1996 Randy Partin  
1995 Anne Evenson Rajanen  


The Chairman's Excellence in Service Award

The Excellence in Service Award is an award given each year to an ACUIA volunteer who exemplifies the spirit and dedication of volunteer service in going above and beyond the call of duty. The recipient of this award is selected by the ACUIA Chairman for their outstanding volunteer service for that year. This award is presented at the Annual Conference.

Excellence in Service Award Winners

Year Award Winner


Linda Goff
2012 Ellen Simpson
2011 Dana McCranie
2010 Beverly McMahon
2009 Barry Lucas
2008 Jennifer Pratt
2007 Samuel Capuano
2006 John Gallagher
2005 Cathy Smoyer
2004 Ronald Kampwerth
2003 Randy Manscill
2002 Ennio (Andy) Cavuoto
2001 Brenda Benson
2000 Patricia Richey
1999 Betty Cramer
1998 Pat Scheiman


The Best Practice Award

The Best Practice Committee is pleased to announce the "Best Auditing Practice Contest." A Best Audit Practice is any auditing routine/procedure/audit program step/or audit technique that you have developed, or one that you have seen used, that contributes to an effective audit or covers an administrative function for your department. If you or someone else thinks it's a good idea, then share it with your fellow auditors.

The authors of the top three entries chosen as the very best of all practices submitted will receive one of three gift certificates in the amount of $100, $50 or $25, as well as a plaque to recognize your contribution.

Winners will be announced at the Annual Conference. However, you do not need to be present at the Conference to win.

The Best Practice Committee evaluates all entries.  Criteria for selecting the winner will include originality, ability to implement or use/reuse, adaptability to the credit union size, overall value to the credit union, and the value to the audit department. Entry deadline is April 30.

To submit that great idea, download the printable nomination guidelines and send your submission to ACUIA. It may win you fame and fortune!

Best Practice Contest Winners

The winners are selected by the Best Practices Committee. A best audit practice is any auditing routine/procedure/audit program step/or audit technique that contributes to an effective audit or covers an administration function for the department. Award plaques and gift certificates are presented at the Annual Conference.

Year First Place Second Place Third Place
2013 Wings Financial CU Royal CU

Public Service CU
2012 Golden 1 CU Wings Financial CU Golden 1 CU
2011 Royal CU US New Mexico CU Golden 1 CU
2010 Royal CU Royal CU Golden 1 CU
2009 Royal CU Wings Financial CU none
2008 Golden 1 Credit Union, Sacramento none none
2007 Beverly McMahon, Century FCU none none
2006 Nathan Cunningham, Deseret First FCU Sam Han, Andrews FCU Beverly McMahon, Century FCU
2005 Nathan Cunningham, Deseret First FCU Andrea Fairbanks, WEOKIE CU Laura Rea, University FCU
2004 NO ENTRIES    
2003 Joe Rivera, New Mexico Educators FCU Tirso Morales, Tropical Financial CU Michell Huber, Financial Partners CU
2002 Erik Airheart, Jax FCU Patrick Yager, Tinker FCU Jessica Love, ESL FCU
2001 Melinda Stoor, America First CU Patricia Brock, PSECU Mountain America CU
2000 Ennio Cavuoto, Bethpage FCU IA Dept., S. Carolina FCU Olivia Fried, Power FCU
1999 Ennio Cavuoto, Bethpage FCU Barbara Egmore, Tower FCU Cyndi Koan, Arizona FCU


Pat Richey Best Article of the Year Award

In 2013, the ACUIA Board renamed this award the “Pat Richey Best Article of the Year Award” to honor Pat’s commitment to ACUIA and the Internal Audit profession and standards through her countless article submissions to The Audit Report magazine.   Over the years Pat volunteered with ACUIA in many capacities including serving on the Board, as a Regional Director, as a Chapter Coordinator, and mentoring fellow auditors. Each year the article is selected by the magazine's editor, as the best published article from the quarterly magazine, The Audit Report, and from articles published on the ACUIA web site. All articles from these two sources are automatically considered for this annual award. Eligibility for the award begins after the Annual Conference and ends several weeks before the subsequent conference.

The criteria used to evaluate the articles includes:

  • Topical Selection: The topic should be of current interest to the majority of credit union auditors.
  • Easy to read: The average/experienced internal auditor should be able to comprehend the material. Jargon and acronyms should be avoided or clearly explained and then with minimum use.
  • Helpful: The article should be helpful to the majority of credit union auditors. The reader should be able to incorporate or use some information in their daily work or audit plan.
  • Application: The material is widely applicable to all credit union auditors. Difference between federal or state chartered credit unions should be defined.The award winner is announced at the Annual Conference business meeting. The winner receives a plaque and recognition in the ACUIA publications. For more information about publishing an article in The Audit Report Magazine or on the web site, contact the ACUIA office. Reprints are not eligible for Article of the Year award consideration. 

Year Winner Article
2013 Alan White Evaluating Vendor Controls & The SSAE No 16 Report
2012 Robert Parks Ethics - The Role You Play
2011 Nathan Cunningham Chronicles in Employee Fraud: The Rogue IT Specialist
2010 Nathan Cunningham  
2009 Alan White Vital Insight
2008 Sam Capuano Rules of Engagement
2007 Laymen Grant Security Breaches: Do You Know What to Do?
2006 Sam Capuano Award Given in Recognition of Dedication in Submitting Multiple Articles for Publication
2005 Pat Richey Best Practice: SOX Provisions Affecting Corporate Governance
2004 Ellen Simpson Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003
2003 Allen DeLeon & 

Michael Daigneault
Governance Matters: Credit Union Leadership in the Post-Enron Era
2002 Sangeeta Norton OFAC Compliance
2001 Bob Parks Internal Audit: Changes in Professional Practices Framework
2000 Jack Champlain Computer Forensics Investigation
1999 Bruce Jolly Catching Electronic Fraud


ACUIA Lifetime Achievement Award

Established in 2013 the ACUIA Lifetime Achievement Award was created to recognize individuals whose tireless service and commitment to the assoication has left an indelible mark. 

Year Award Recipient
2013 Patricia Richey


Regional Director Recognitions

ACUIA has grown and prospered over the years due in large part to those members who have volunteered their time and talent to serve the association.  One of the vital roles that helps create a cohesive connection between our association and members is that of Regional Director.  To recognize members whose past service as a Regional Director for at least one two-year term, they are presented with an award at the Annual Conference. 

Year Award Recipient
2011 Patricia Richey
2010 Linda Goff
2009 Dana McCranie, Sam Capuano
2006 Tabitha Ernst, Region 6
2003 Amy Sullivan, Region 6
  John Gallagher, Region 5
2002 Brenda Benson, Region 3
2001 Lisa Sherman, Region 5
  Richard Jefferson, Region 6
2000 Michael Needy, Region 2
  Patricia Godyn, Region 4
  Mark Gerhard, Region 5
1999 Jennifer Parker
  Joe Rivera
  Karen Waterman
  Valerie Weimer



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