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While our firm enjoys a broad client base, credit unions represent a central focus of our practice. Our firm has been providing audit and accounting services to the credit union industry for over 15 years and we currently have over 60 credit union clients.

Our professionally trained staff with over 100 years experience in the financial industry is proud to provide a full array of accounting & audit services including:

Financial Statement audits (“opinion audits)

Supervisory committee audits

ACH compliance audits

BSA/OFAC compliance audits

Internal auditing services

Consulting/accounting assistance

Supervisory committee training

Membership confirmation/verification

Mail ballot elections

Since our firm is committed to the credit union movement, we do not audit other financial institutions. In addition, it is our belief that no credit union is too big or too small. We believe that our experience, background and firm commitment to service credit unions gives us a competitive advantage over other firms.

Our professional service team spends over 10,000 hours annually providing services to the credit union industry. As such, we have extensive experience and a thorough knowledge of credit union regulations at all staff levels.