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ACET Collaboration Portal

The ACET Collaboration Portal is a SaaS solution that facilitates many aspects of a Credit Union’s preparation for the new NCUA Cybersecurity Examination.  The portal adheres to the requirements of the NCUA ACET exam workbook.  The items identified in the NCUA’s workbook are also included in the ACET Portal, including Document Requests, Development of the Risk Profile, and determination of cybersecurity maturity across 5 domains.  Ultimately, the contents of the portal are exportable to meet possible examiner requirements for the information in workbook format.

The ACET Portal is built to scale from small to large teams working together on exam preparation.  It includes a structured workflow that moves items through an organized and tracked process.  Team members are assigned to distinct roles, with the roles tied directly into the workflow.  Enhanced reporting tracks each person’s and the overall team’s progress against the preparation deadline.   Selective sharing allows for the incorporation of outside advisors into the preparation process.  The portal also allows selective sharing of its contents with the NCUA Examiner.

The portal is built on Microsoft Azure.  Sensitive credit union information is maintained inside of a secure file repository provided by Virtual StrongBox. Redundancy and data backups are handled by these platforms, ensuring availability and data integrity.

The ACET Portal has been designed to be tailored to a Client’s environment.  The appearance of the portal can be tuned to match a client’s environment.  User and role assignments are controlled by the Client’s administrator of the application, as is when and when not to share information outside of the CU.  Optional workflow steps, such as adding and outside reviewer for selectable aspects of the examination preparation provide flexibility to each CU to customize the workflow.

Key features of the ACET Collaboration Portal include:

  • Built for Credit Unions by a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO)
  • Highly secure control of sensitive information thorough the Virtual StrongBox file repository
  • Built to scale from 2-20+ team members involved in the exam preparation process
  • Provides continuous updates on progress toward meeting readiness objectives
  • No Maintenance / No Setup SaaS platform enables same day readiness for use
  • On-line collaboration capabilities allow team members to work together on their schedules
  • “Institutional Memory” ensures your team maintains context across time and from exam to exam
  • Selective sharing capabilities enable incorporation of outside advisors into the review process