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  • Annual Conference & One-Day Seminar

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    Businessmen Talking

  • ACUIA Quality Assurance Review (Q.A.R.)

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    Internal Auditing Standards

  • ACUIA Advertising

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    ACUIA provides many ways of promoting your company, whether it's through sponsorship or exhibiting at one of our annual events, or placing an ad in a publication.

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  • Resources

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    When you become a member of the ACUIA, you will have access to all of the following member benefits.  Click here to join today!


  • Volunteer

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    Volunteer Opportunities

    ACUIA relies on member volunteers to work with the ACUIA Executive Office to meet our membership’s needs by assisting in organizational strategic planning, coordinating educational offerings, maintaining adequate member resources, and promoting the growth of the association.

  • Annual Reports/Bylaws

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    Attached below are the annual meeting minutes, audited financial statements and current bylaws posted for viewing by members in accordance with ACUIA bylaws.


  • Annual Conference 2013

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    Presentations and materials for the 2013 Annual Conference and One Day Seminar along with the presentation from the pre-conference webinar.

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    The site is currently under development. User Login will permissible 9/13/16. 

    Please contact us if you have any questions.

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