Internal Auditor

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Department:    Corporate                Original:     April 1, 2000

Supervisor:    Internal Audit Manager        Revised:      December 16, 2020

Dept. Mgr.:    Audit Committee            Reviewed:     May 6, 2020

Salary Grade: 14                    Status:      Exempt

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsible for performing internal audits and the review of internal control and quality control procedures in all areas of the Company to assess effectiveness of controls, accuracy of financial records and efficiency of operations.  

Prepares accurate, logical and detailed work papers by researching, compiling, and analyzing data which clearly describe the work performed, test results and conclusions reached to be presented within internal audit reports.

Informs the Internal Auditor Manager of audit progress and manages the audit so that time is efficiently used and deadlines and budgets are met.

Effectively communicates the results of audits by preparing final reports of audit findings.  

Manages the process to track, follow-up and ultimately close all open audit issues leveraging the Internal Audit Manager, if necessary. Reviews and evaluates management’s responses to audit findings, opinions and recommendations.

Remains competent in duties and responsibilities as well as regulatory rules and changes in the industry through self-directed professional readings, attending professional development courses and attending training and/or courses as required by the Internal Audit Manager.

Performs special studies, reports findings and recommendations for improvements throughout the Company.

Responsible for special data requests and assists with regulatory agency filings, as well as working as a team member on audits and special projects.

Assists with the company’s financial statement audit performed by the company’s external auditors.
Performs other related duties as directed.


1.    Bachelor’s degree in Accounting with a minimum of 2 years of experience in auditing.

2.    Ability to maintain and perform internal audit procedures.

3.    Ability to analyze and implement internal controls.

4.    General knowledge of the PC and word processing, spreadsheet and database software.

5.    Ability to determine the need for specific tasks; schedule and perform those tasks in a self-directed environment with little or no direct supervision.

6.    Ability to effectively communicate upwards and downwards by presenting ideas to the Chief Audit Executive, promptly referring to the Chief Audit Executive serious matters requiring their attention, listening to others and trying to understand their point of view, and demonstrating good oral and written communication skills.

7.    Ability to comfortably interact with all levels of staff and management throughout the Company in a professional manner.

8.    Maintain self-control by remaining emotionally stable under conditions of stress.

9.    Demonstrates self-confidence and flexibility by taking new developments in stride, tempering ability with humility, giving credit to others for their ideas and admitting mistakes.

10.    Seek new responsibilities by demonstrating a desire for personal achievement, upgrading knowledge and skills through in-house or outside courses and assuming greater responsibility willingly.

11.    Ability to make timely decisions by acting promptly on decisions requiring emergency action and not procrastinating about making unpopular decisions.

12.    Ability to recognize and solve existing problems by defining the problem rather than the symptoms, collecting relevant information, considering factors affecting the situation, developing alternative solutions.

TITLE:    Internal Auditor
    Responsible for performing internal audits and the review of the internal control and quality control procedures.

    Office environment.
    PC, calculator, telephone, copier.
KNOWLEDGE/TRAINING:    Bachelor’s degree in accounting and 2 years of audit experience.


    Assess effectiveness of internal controls, accuracy of financial records and efficiency of operations.  Assists with special data requests. 

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Posting Date: 
September 18, 2021