Director of Internal Audit

Posting Date: 
January 12, 2016
Financial Center First Credit Union

Director of Internal Audit

Financial Center First Credit Union is seeking honest, motivated, connected, eager, ethical and driven people to help us deliver an exceptional member experience and has just announced an opportunity as the organization’s Director of Internal Audit.  This position will conducts audits of the Credit Union to assess risk, the effectiveness of controls, accuracy of financial records and efficiency of operations; provides documentation of the Credit Union's internal control systems; and reports findings and makes recommendations to enhance the Credit Union’s operating and control systems

Financial Center seeks a strategic leader to drive the internal audit function by using evidenced-based decisions to optimize risk taking across the organization.  The successful candidate will demonstrate a strategic approach to assessing risks as well as have strong communication and interpersonal skills. The Director of Internal Audit reports directly to the Chairperson of the Supervisory Committee.

Key Functions:

Must be proficient in applying internal auditing standards, procedures and techniques; accounting principles and techniques; management principles and techniques; and human relations

  • Must have a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of economics, commercial law, finance, quantitative methods and information technology
  • Must be familiar with NCUA Rules and Regulations and applicable state and federal laws and regulations
  • Must be skilled in dealing with people and maintaining satisfactory relationships with audit clients.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Manages the Internal Audit Department to ensure audit work fulfills the general purposes and responsibilities described in the Internal Audit Charter and conforms to the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing
  • Evaluate the process through which the Credit Union’s values and goals are established, communicated and preserved; the accomplishment of goals is monitored; and accountability is ensured
  • Identify, analyze, evaluate and record sufficient information to achieve audit objectives
  • Establish and maintain a system to monitor the disposition of results communicated to management
  • Communicate audit results in a timely, accurately, objectively, clearly, completely and constructively to management, the Supervisory Committee and the Board
  • Identify and evaluate risk exposures that contribute to the improvement of risk management and control systems

Competencies:  Organizational Core Competencies represent the values and expected behavior to be a successful employee within the organization.

  • Honest/Ethical
    Demonstrates authenticity, being truthful and open with others and representing reality as comprehensively as possible.

  • Quality of Work
    Maintains high standards despite pressing deadlines; does work right the first time; corrects own errors; regularly produces accurate, thorough, professional work.

  • Adaptability and Change Management
    Become more willing to take on duties not outlined in your job description.  Easily deals with unexpected changes in plans.  Adaptable to any changes in work assignments.  Look for ways of using new technologies in order to increase efficiency.  Support organizational restructuring efforts in a constructive manner.

  • Dependability, Accountability and Reliability
    Behaving consistently and predictably in fulfilling obligations.  Showing up on time.  Attending to details.  Detecting errors.  Knowledgeable and Complies with policies/procedures. Honors commitments 

  • Task Ownership
    Handles problems/tasks that are not own direct responsibility (e.g., refrains from taking a "not-my-job" posture; is proactive in dealing with problems or difficult customers, rather than simply passing them on to others; etc.).  Initiates action on problems/requests, rather than simply referring same to supervisor/manager.

  • Personal Credibility
    Demonstrated concern that one be perceived as responsible, reliable, and trustworthy.   Does what he/she commits to doing.  Respects the confidentiality of information or concerns shared by others.  Is honest and forthright with people.  Carries his/her fair share of the workload.  Takes responsibility for own mistakes; does not blame others.  Conveys a command of the relevant facts and information.

  • Servant Leadership
    The servant-leader shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible.  Developing each employee to their highest potential by identifying their areas for improvement and appropriately coaching, training or correcting the employees’ performance.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting or related field, minimum of 5 years of financial institution auditing or examination experience.

We are committed to creating a workplace that encourages equal opportunity and values the diversity each employee offers our credit union. We recognize personal and professional development by offering interactive training and learning opportunities for our industry. We are committed to building a culture that is fun, flexible, and people-centered. Our goal is to provide a rich environment and nurture our employees' skills every step of the way.  Come join our team!

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