ACUIA Webinar - Overdraft Protection Programs - Risk & Risk Mgt


Presented by Todd Sherpy of Sherpy & Jones, this one hour webinar on Overdraft Protection Programs – Risk and Risk Management is a wealth of guidance on the topic. This is a product area that everyone should consider a high risk item; and therefore ensure your Credit Union has fully addressed all aspects  from a legal, compliance, risk management and mitigation point of view. A single miss here can cost you dearly. 

Covered in this webinar are the ODP Rules from the beginning, the history of regulatory actions and litigation, and the lessons Todd has learned from ODP Compliance assessments to ensure you have a full understanding of the issues. 

Also addressed are the specific disclosure obligations, compliance expectations and risk mitigation tools you should consider.

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About the Presenter:

Todd Sherpy is a founding partner in the law firm of Sherpy & Jones, P.A. with offices in South Carolina and Georgia; and is entering his 31st year of practice in the Credit Union compliance arena. 

The firm is dedicated to serving all legal needs of Credit Unions; and provides day-to-day compliance, compliance auditing, training and consulting services to Credit Unions throughout the United States. 

Todd dedicates a large portion of his time to teaching Credit Unions, having made presentations in 46 States and has been a participating as an instructor through CUNA & Affiliates Regulatory Compliance, Collections and Credit Counseling, Marketing, Consumer Loan Officer and Economics and Investments Schools and Conferences.

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