Annual Conference 2013

Presentations and materials for the 2013 Annual Conference and One Day Seminar along with the presentation from the pre-conference webinar.

PDF icon Deciphering the Noise - Why IT Risk Mgt Needs to be a Priority.pdf1.2 MB
PDF icon One-Day-1 - Audit Report Writing.pdf6.31 MB
PDF icon One-Day-2 Demystifying IT Auditing.pdf3.81 MB
PDF icon One-Day 3 Credit Impairment Stds and Credit Risk Monitoring.pdf3.88 MB
PDF icon General 2 - What Will the Regulator Do Next.pdf1.34 MB
PDF icon General 3 - Auditing ERM.pdf2.73 MB
PDF icon General-6 - Vendor Mangaement Best Practices.pdf1.11 MB
PDF icon General 7 - Hacked - What are the Legal Implications.pdf198.3 KB
PDF icon 1-A - Managing the Internal Audit Function.pdf485.31 KB
PDF icon 1-B - Mobile Banking Risks and Rewards.pdf1.63 MB
PDF icon 1-C - The New Wave of IA.pdf1.34 MB
PDF icon 1-D - Crucial Communications Tools.pdf3.37 MB
PDF icon 2-A - Top Ten Audit Findings.pdf1.97 MB
PDF icon 2-C - 21st Century Banking - New Risk Mgt and Security Challenges.pdf4.26 MB
PDF icon 2-D - Indirect Lending - Leasing Risks.pdf743.79 KB
PDF icon 3-A - IA Role In Member Complaints.pdf695.4 KB
PDF icon 3-B - Understanding Financial Statements.pdf1.6 MB
PDF icon 3-D - Excel Training Manual.pdf1.08 MB
PDF icon 3-D - Using Excel for Advanced Analytics.pdf1.77 MB
PDF icon 4-A - SC's Role In Information Security Program.pdf1.85 MB
PDF icon 4-B - ALLL Best Practices.pdf856.34 KB
PDF icon 4-C - Social Media Risks.pdf401.56 KB
PDF icon 4-C - California DFI. Social Media Guidance.pdf260.72 KB
PDF icon 4-C - FFIEC social media guidelines FR Notice.pdf109.96 KB
PDF icon 4-C - Social Media Guidelines.pdf235.56 KB
PDF icon 4-D - Building an IA Function From The Ground-Up.pdf4.93 MB
PDF icon 5-A - Employee Dishonesty - Questions the SC Should Ask.pdf1.88 MB
PDF icon 5-B - Dissecting the FASB's Proposed Credit Impairment Model.pdf2.17 MB
PDF icon 5-C - Innovation in Auditing--Unleash Your Inner Da Vinci.pdf711.85 KB
PDF icon 5-C - CAE-2013 Global Pulse of the Profession Report_FNL_Lo.pdf1.42 MB
PDF icon 5-C - FSI-Flash-Report-Federal-Reserve-Issues-Supplemental-Policy-Statement-IA Function-and-Outsourcing-Protiviti.pdf408.75 KB